• Why to choose Dhanandip Family?
  • Dhanandip Family is a Technical sound family which aims to provide a crystal clear knowledge of Industrial Automation to each & every candidate those enrolled in Dhanandip Family
  • What should be the fees structure & time Duration?
  • Dhanandip family provide different affordable fees structure for our different course modules with installment provision & also there will be provision of heavy discounts on one time fees payment.

    Time duration of our training department is currently divide in four batches in which 1st three batches provide for academic students & last batch strictly for industry candidates & working peoples also we have weekend batches for working peoples.

  • What is Training Quality & Structure??
  • We provide Industrial Automation Training easily & conceptually on special designed Industrial kits. Which gives feel as working in industry. Our expert trainers provide Individual attention to each & every candidate also there is student tracking system provide which tracks syllabus of every student.

  • Is there any placement provision after course completion??
  • Yes we assured placement after course compilation but candidate must follow our rules & regulations & they must aware about that placement is not only organization’s responsibility but their also so they must have taken fulfill efforts for getting placed themselves in good Industries.


  • What kind of project support provided by the Dhanandip family?
  • Dhanandip Technical Family currently delicately work in Automation programming, & troubleshooting sector so we defiantly support in such sectors.
  • What kind of qualified team available for Tech-solutions?
  • We have 7-8 Dedicated team members for automation project those have min 4-5 years’ experience in the same field.
  • Is there Total solution provide by Dhanandip Family?
  • Yes currently we delicately work on Automation programming & troubleshooting but we have ability to give a complete Automation Solution in turnkey & Integrated Automation field.
  • Is there any provision of support at outside or at client locations?
  • Yes we provide support at outside locations or client side location with some terms & condition those are given at time of project documentation.


  • What type of support should I get from Dhanandip Sales?
  • Dhanandip family also work in technical sales which basically aim to provide hassle-free services to all our precious Industrial clients to promote themselves at international level for this we work in discrete level in Automation sales field.
  • What should be product delivery time for ordering any product?
  • When you order the product from our online portal with advance payment the product should be delivered within 3- 5 days or if you are ordered product by offline then it should be delivered within 8- 10 days.
  • Is there any support provided at the field side?
  • Yes we definitely provide technical support for product those we sales to our precious customers
  • What is payment terms for the ordered product?
  • Currently the Cash on Delivery is not available for our online product so if you wanted the product from our online portal then you should make the full payment in advance at our online portal & if you order the product by offline way then payment terms will be as per mentioned in our product documents.
  • Is there any replacement in case of faulty product?
  • Yes there is replacement for faulty product after verified faultiness by our engineers, you must drop down mail & fault code or parameter for product within 4-8 hours from the time you received the delivery.